Sunday, November 24, 2013

Missing in "action?"

Yes, it is I. I'm still alive. Still fat, but still alive.

I haven't gone anywhere, and well, that's probably really the problem. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything over the last couple of months.

There's probably a multitude of reasons, excuses, why. Busy schedule, keeping up with kids, working earlier in the morning, working 10 hour days, etc. But really, I've just been lazy. Better to call a spade a spade. So what to do about it?

Get up and move, I think, is the answer. However, I seem to read like a cautionary tale as of late. I suspect I've either re-aggravated on old hernia I had fixed a few years ago, or somehow caused a new one. Probably when I was moving a piano into our house that my mom brought home from California. So, that's something I need to get checked out. Yay.

Coming back here to make a new post was probably the hardest part as of late. It's been long enough that when you come back you're like, "Hi ... I, I'm back" to an empty room, right? And if you don't come back at all, then all those that invested any of their time to read your earlier stuff may, and probably do, feel like that was wasted time.

Frustration with almost no movement on the weight meter led to a breakdown in will power which led to more frustration (and gain), so the vicious cycle continues.

So, before I came back to post, I figured that I should have accomplished something. Yesterday I went hiking again with my father-in-law. Funny, the last time I had a real workout was when we went hiking. In September. Sigh. The hike was good. There were plenty of sections where it got real steep, and I got winded. David is exceptionally patient, and for that I can't thank him enough for the experience. Hopefully this will continue to be a regular thing, with shorter intervals between outings. With winter coming, though, our outdoor activity might be a little limited. He's an experienced outdoorsman with ice climbing and whatnot, but I have zip experience and I would be more of a liability with those kinds of treks this winter. We did talk about possibly going snowshoeing this year though, so that'll be a good first step.

I did order a new little device that came in the mail on Friday, it's a Nintendo Fit Meter and it works with a new game coming out (retail) at the end of the year (nice timing). It's been available to download for a few weeks for free, but the game only works for 30 days after which you pay to unlock it. I don't know how much, but probably more than I paid for the meter which, once synced with the game on Wii U, unlocks the game for no additional cost. The meter was just $20. Since I have a gift card on file w/ Amazon that I won a couple of weeks ago. That made this purchase pretty easy. Now I just have to wait for it to get here.

All of that being said, it's time to look at my calendar with a little more realism. The Spartan race is hard for people in relatively good shape, something I'm very far from. So I'm readjusting my goal to participating in the Spartan Race in 2015 instead of this coming June. However, I will be looking for smaller goals to accomplish leading up to that. 5k runs and possibly races like the Dirty Dash. I have to also consider the possibility of surgery again if a hernia is really what I have. Recoup time from that will take a couple of months, but I want to be at a much healthier weight before I go through that again.

Now that I've gotten the first hurdle of getting back out and doing something active, it's time to, instead of getting to work, continuing to move toward the goal.