Sunday, April 12, 2015

Updates and such

Things have been... eventful ... as of late.

I've tackled a couple of goals on my 2015 list, which is good. None of them directly relate to weight loss, but a couple indirectly do.

I'm signed up for The Color Run in Salt Lake City on August 22nd. 4 months and 10 days from now.

I've also been to a couple of doctors. One for a typical physical. Good news there, I'm still alive and doing pretty good.

Last week I also needed to see a foot/ankle specialist because of persistent pain in my left heel that just wasn't going away. I didn't have a shot because the doctor thought the ligaments were healing on their own, but gave me a prescription of an anti-inflammatory (naproxen) to help it along.

The main caveat to this, though, was that I needed to keep my walking to a minimum for the next four weeks until I go back to see him again.