Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blowing the dust off in here...


Well, then...'s been a while, folks.

I want to take a minute and just say that I really admire my wife. I don't really tell her enough.

Recently she made a change to her roller derby lifestyle/schedule. She still does her weekly Thursday night recreation with The Beehive Skate Revolution, and recently has moved on from her other once-a-week group to the Wasatch Roller Derby team which requires her to skate three additional days a week.

Last week was her first week with this group, and they really work out those ladies. She came home from her Wednesday session with totally dead legs. Turns out they have a personal trainer that works them out for an hour and a half to start. She's back at it the next night, anyway.

It's hard to keep up from the couch.

Yesterday evening, I walked over to the community center we now live across the street from (by the way, we moved at the end of last November) for the first time to use their gym. It's only been over two months. I haven't been in the gym at work since several months before I changed positions. In August of 2015...

I did a short workout (about 30 minutes) and felt like that was a good start. The hitch to this was that I also scheduled a workout this morning, since my wife wouldn't be home tonight until after the c.c. was closed. Alarm went off at 5:15 AM. I seriously wondered how it was possible to be time to get up already and snoozed it. I did pull myself out of bed after another snooze, and went to let the dog out, and got ready to go.

It's busy over there in the morning so I didn't get on any of the machines, but they have a nice indoor track to use, so I walked for 30 minutes. It's something when you see that you've already hit 5k steps before anybody else in the house has woken up.

So... in short, I'm back.