Sunday, March 1, 2015

Commit. Drive. Shin splints?

This weekend I took a big step (well, figuratively) toward some of the goals I've posted about recently. One of the top goals was to enter a 5k. On Friday I registered for the 2015 Salt Lake City Color Run.

Might as well be messy... this year's Color Run features GLITTER. My shower drain won't know what hit it.

So, to revisit my goals:

  • Hit the gym on work days
  • Walk a minimum 10,000 steps (15,000 if I didn't go to the gym - like today)
  • Stationary bike on non-work days - 1 mile minimum in March. Increase one mile per month.
The Color Run happens on August 22, 2015. Time to get going. Not only should I be able to finish it, but with six months to get ready, I should able to jog/run the full distance.