Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When nobody's looking...

It can be hard to stay motivated.

After going through the month of August. I really hadn't lost anything. Sure, I was working out a little bit more, and watching what I was eating a bit, but not really making much progress. Here we are in September and I'm pretty much in the same spot I was at the beginning of August. And June is now a month closer.

297 Days, 11 Hours, 34 Mins

A month closer.

It's now under 300 days away.

Having someone that will support and even push you can be a fine line. At least at the beginning. My wife looked at me tonight and said that I owed her a workout. Anything, a walk, whatever. I didn't say much, just put on my shoes, and left the house. And walked for 30 minutes.

I told her thank you when I got back. She was afraid she'd offended me or sounded condescending towards me because I left and didn't text her back while I was gone. I didn't have head phones or music. Just me and my thoughts, and making sure I didn't get hit by a passing car since about half of the trip I took tonight didn't have sidewalks.

I told my wife that I would be more likely to thank her after I returned or finished a workout than to do it before hand. I'm not mad or put out that she's pushing me. Like I said, this is afterwards. I just don't want anybody to expect cartwheels when I'm headed to my workout, sometimes it's just because I'm already trying to put my mind in place to accomplish the workout. And because I can't do cartwheels.