Saturday, August 3, 2013

Carving out time...

There are two things that can be serious roadblocks to making it to my goal of being a spartan. Time and injury.

Now, time is broken up into two parts (so, you could say three things are roadblocks, but it's my blog, and I say two). Age is just a part of time. 37 years old can make one prone to spontaneous injury. And then the problem of just carving out the time required to exercise, meal plan, and execute the meal plan.

One of my favorite breakfasts is the breakfast burrito. Start with a large tortilla, put a little cheese on it while you warm up the tortilla and then load it up with sausage, egg, and hashbrowns. Sometimes bacon instead of sausage, but I think sausage works best with this all-in-one combination.

Order something like that at a cafe or restaurant and you're probably looking at somewhere around 600 - 900 calories depending on the size, the place, and how they prepare the other ingredients. I like to make it at home. I use Bountiful Baskets for the tortillas (roughly 70 calories), and then get about one-and-a-half egg (105 calories), I usually make two at a time - one for me, and one for my wife - and I make them together with three eggs. A serving of hashbrowns (70 calories), and then, the key, a serving of turkey sausage (another 70) - comes out to about 315 - 350 calories. Turkey sausage basically tastes the same as pork sausage because of the way sausage is seasoned. It's also about 1/3rd of the calories for the same serving size.

So, it might not be a bran muffin and orange juice - but it's once again an example of how homemade trumps eating out.

Then there's random injuries. I pick up my kid to carry him upstairs while explaining how it's not a good idea for him to play with that noisy toy outside of mommy and daddy's bedroom while mommy is still asleep (the one day a week she can sleep in a bit) and somehow wrench a muscle in my back. Awesome. Not debilitating, no, but sure doesn't feel great all the same.

We'll have to see how that ends up all working out. Also, speaking of homemade, tonight, we're going to try homemade sushi for dinner. Nothing fancy (and certainly no tempura), but it should still be fun.