Saturday, July 20, 2013

Building habits...

Yesterday I mentioned some of the tools I'd use to help keep on track. I've been carefully inserting the foods I've eaten in the MyFitnessPal app I have on my phone. 

I also weighed myself yesterday morning coming in at a depressing 288 lbs. It's not the highest I've ever come in at, but it's pretty high. I'm only 5'10" so you can imagine what that looks like.

I watched everything I ate yesterday, not so much to limit, but so I could keep an accurate record. 4 starbursts are 80 calories.

I did pretty good overall, coming in at 33 calories OVER my daily goal of 2020 (to lose two pounds a week according to my app). I'm feeling pretty good over that. The kicker that pushed it over was the rum I had last night. So, not all bad.

So far today I'm still at 1337 calories to go for the day, but we still haven't had dinner, so I'm expecting that to use between 600 - 800 calories tonight.

We're supposed to weed the yard tonight, too. And I plan to put in some exercise as well which gives me some calories "back."