Thursday, July 25, 2013

Depending on when...

I was up a little early this morning, and had the idea that I should weigh myself again. I don't know why since I'd just weighed myself a couple of days ago, but I did it anyway. Lost four pounds since Tuesday. That can't be right. Then I realized that it was early morning, I'd just gotten up and last time I had weighed myself toward the middle afternoon. So I might have weighed a little more that time of day then I had earlier that morning.

Still ... progress?

Losing weight early on is always pretty easy. Retained water finds its way out of your body, you're suddenly more aware of how many calories you've eaten during the day, and the technology of today allows us to keep those right in our pocket and countdown until we're done.

It's really only been about a week.

Get. Out.

I walked down to the gym yesterday. From my desk it takes roughly 5-6 minutes. I'm serious, the building is huge. And the gym is pretty much the furthest point away from my desk I can get and still be inside the building. I walk halfway through my wing to get to the stairs, then down the long winding staircase, cross the other half of the building.  Walk through the small hallway that connects the three level building to the one level building, walk past the entrance to the cafe, then past Starbucks (yeah, we have a Starbucks inside our building, it's kind of a giftshop/coffee shop named after the security guard that passed away just before we moved to this building), then past the security desk and hang a right, walk down the hallway that passes the two entrances to the auditorium, turn left, walk by the bathrooms, break room and then about six training rooms (three on each side, roughly the size of a college classroom each). Then the hallway kind of elbows to the right and then you know you're close, because there are figures on the wall doing sporty things, you still walk past the mail room and finally reach the entrance. Another 20 feet and I would have been outside on the receiving platform for the cafe and mailroom.

The on site trainer wasn't there, so I grabbed a flyer for personal training sessions and then headed back to my desk. I wasn't there to workout, not in my jeans, but mainly to find it. Considering the walk to and from, plus time to workout and cleanup, going to the gym on my lunch break is definitely not going to happen (just a half hour). Looks like I'm going to be getting up earlier in the mornings.