Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two at a time...

I work on the third floor of a rather large building. Not large as in height, the third floor is actually the top floor, but large as in long. It basically runs from east to west, with a smaller one-level building attached to the east end. The smaller building contains a Starbucks, the eBay Cafe (with a ton of food choices), an auditorium, a bunch of training rooms (reminds of college classrooms), the gym I still haven't been in, but I plan to change that this week. Naturally, I work at the far end (west side) of the main building, top floor, furthest away from... well, everything.

We moved into the building back in April, the parking lot is forever away, as they left a massive dirt lot between the building and the main parking. They're in the process of converting those dirt lots into two full size basketball courts, a volleyball court, and a soccer field. That should make for some fun work events down the road. Right now, though, all we see are tractors pushing dirt around.

Anyway, my point being that when we moved in, I didn't relish the idea of hiking up even just two flights of stairs to head to work. I'd just take the elevator.

That's changed. Now it's all about changing the little things, and using the stairs is a good way to change for the better. I'd like to believe that people will soon see me and not think, "Gee, that guy should really use the stairs," but instead, "Hey, that guy must be running up the stairs every day."

It's a simple mechanic and hey, with the Spartan Race getting closer everyday, you have to figure a couple of flights of stairs is probably going to be the easiest obstacle I'm going to face.

Rundown for yesterday:

Came in well under my calorie budget - the app predicts that I should lost close to 20 pounds in about 5 weeks if I keep that up.

Hit about seven glasses of water.

Played Dance Central and Kinect Sports Season Two on my living room Xbox (where the kinect is) for my workout.

Slept close to seven hours last night (I usually sleep six or less, typically on purpose).