Monday, February 3, 2014

My legs!

I am so wiped right now courtesy of your friendly neighborhood leg day.

Here's the damage right up front:


Leg curl: 10 x 100 lbs x 3
Leg press: 10 x 360 lbs x 3
Leg extension: 10 x 100 lbs x 3

If you've followed along, you'll see that I've gone up from a previous high of 90 pounds on the leg extension to 100 pounds, and I did manage to hit all three sets in full. I couldn't walk for a few minutes afterwards, but I. Got. It. Done. I also increased the max weight on the leg press from 340 pounds to 360 and hit all of those sets in full, as well.

I just made coffee in the break room about ten minutes ago, and now I'm afraid to stand up to go get some after sitting here long enough to log into my computer, log in and start updating. :) I'm sure I'll manage somehow.

My wife and I are working together to start eating better. We haven't been horrible, but we definitely have our struggles, and there are certain weaknesses we share when it comes to food. We're trying to reduce carbs quite a bit and only get our sugars from raw fruit, and want to start doing something a little more like shopping the "outer circle" at the store and avoid pre-packaged and processed foods as much as possible.

My friend Elaine clued me in to yesterday, so I'm going to be checking into all of the information there and hopefully find some good workout tips, and eating / meal planning tips to go along with that.

I'm pretty happy with where my lifting is and is going, and it's time to start incorporating a lot more sense into my eating habits and be able to excel there, as that will aid in my weight loss. Let's face it, the lifting and walking hasn't done a lot to start bringing down the weight, so it's up to what I do in the kitchen to start making some progress. I'm not going to be able to lumber around the spartan course if I'm still this heavy. June 2015 sounds pretty far away, but it'll sure get here before we know it.