Monday, February 10, 2014

So, THIS is pain...

(4:47 AM) Right now, I'm at my desk at work, at the start of this post, I'm about 15 minutes removed from finishing my leg workout, and they are still screaming, not burning, but screaming at me (okay, they're just burning). I hit some personal bests today. Maybe I could have done more, but walking was still a priority after being finished.

Here you go:


Leg curl: 15 x 110 lbs x 2; 10 x 130* lbs 
Leg press: 15 x 360 lbs x 2; 10 x 400* lbs 
Leg extension: 15 x 100 lbs x 2; 10 x 120* lbs

* New max weight

Oh. My. God. My legs are barely functional at this moment. - Need coffee and to catch up with work people.

(5: 41 AM) So, I did the 2 sets of 15 (to get my 30 reps total in) and then upped the weights by 2 plates on each machine. 40 pounds for the press and 20 each for the curls and extension machines. I was going to aim for 5 of each, and just. kept. going.

My legs are ways ahead of my arms. I have to remember I'm not going to see big improvements like this with my arms as fast. It does give me encouragement, though. I'm tapping into potential I've never seen before now and I'm excited where it'll take me.

This is just the beginning.