Sunday, February 2, 2014

Keep. Digging...

As usual, Sunday mornings are my greatest enemy (this would be called "Monday" by most of you). Just coming off of a two day weekend. Some drinks may have been consumed with friends. Along with a frightening amount of poutine, and yet, I got up this morning, got ready for work, assembled my lunch and headed on out.

Got to work, and I swear my brain was trying to find every excuse known to man to skip out, "Look, the gym is dark. Maybe it's closed for cleaning." (It wasn't closed, the shades were down, which is not normal at 4 AM); "You're running late, you can't get a full workout in." (I did).

Today was arms. And in the workout summary below, you might notice something a little different than normal:

Weigh-in: 293.6 ( -0.8 )

Bench press - 10 x 100 lbs x 3
Arm curl - 10 x 45 lbs x 3
Lat pulls  - 10 x 80 lbs x 3
Shoulder press - 10 x 30 lbs x 3
Arm extension - 10 x 80 lbs x 2; 10 x 70 lbs

With the exception of the arm extensions (newer workout compared to the others), there were no weight changes on the other lifts. When I hit that 10th rep on the third set on the bench press, I couldn't help but give a fist pump. On Wednesday I made it to eight on the third set, so getting all 30 reps across the three sets was a big deal to me.

If I can get the arm extension to three sets at 80 pounds, and do it again the following time, I think it'll finally be time to start increasing. I started lifting on January 12, and have finally hit a groove I think. I don't even really think, "Ugh, I have to go to the gym" in the mornings. I get up and just go, I don't even make a conscious thought like, "Time to go to the gym," it's just part of my work day now.

And that feels pretty damn good.