Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ha, forgotten title

Today's update brought to you by the letters: U R G and H - put those together and you hear the sounds I was making unfiltered because the music was off in the gym this morning for no known reason.

Stats will appear below:


Weigh in: N/A

Leg curl: 10 x 100 lbs x 3
Leg press: 10 x 340 lbs x 3
Leg extension: 10 x 90 lbs x 3

Treadmill: 15 mins @ 2.5 mph w/ 1.5% incline

Was woken up way early this morning, but that worked out to a solid workout, and getting in some treadmill time, which is good because it's been a bit colder the last few days. Not East coast cold, but cold for walking around outside for a while.

Legs don't feel as painful as they usually do on leg day, so I probably needed to go heavier, but I'm happy with how much I lifted today. I need to build my confidence to do squats. I fell off-balance when I'm doing them, and I don't have a spotter, so there's that. Maybe I should try with just the bar, or there's another machine that you can do multiple exercises with and it does show a squat as one of them.

Anyway, just a quick update.