Thursday, January 23, 2014

I think we're alone now...

Odd start to the day, when I got to the gym, there was a cleaning lady in the men's showers scrubbing them down (I still smell cleaning detergent); so I had to duck into the handicap stall to change. When I was done, she was still cleaning the bathroom area, so I went into the last shower stall to change back to my work/street clothes. It was weird.

Today was the legs:

Weigh in: N/A (because the scale is out in the open within the locker room, and somehow a t-shirt and boxers didn't seem appropriate)

Leg curl: 10 x 100 lbs x 3
Leg press: 10 x 340 lbs x 3
Leg extension: 10 x 80 lbs x 3

Treadmill - 10 min, 3mph, 1.5% grade

So, the treadmill was new, mostly because I finished the weights early enough that I had some time for extra walking. I still plan to do my usual lunch break walk. I might start dropping the weights a bit on the curl and extension machines and working on the legs individually, too.

Tomorrow and Saturday I'm off from work, so I plan to take our golden retriever out for a 30 min walk. Just need to keep up the discipline and work on crunches and supermans, and maybe get in some Kinect time with the Your Shape game or something.

Right now, my legs are wiped and my triceps, shoulders, and chest are all enjoying that comfortable pain (instead of searing) one has the day after a good workout.