Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Whew! Back on the arms today. Pushed harder on the bench press, but couldn't finish that last set. It's good to see I'm finding a rhythm and not dropping weight from one set to the next as much as I did on Sunday when I was in last for arms. Just need to hit three solid sets of the same weight, and then start increasing. I might look into getting some lifting gloves, I really hate how the weight and machine grips make my hands feel. Maybe a reward for consistency at the end of January.

My right arm is definitely weaker than my left. When doing the arm curls and shoulder press, I feel the strength go out of the right side a rep or two before the left. Might need to work on some dumbbells to even those out a bit.

Today's stats:

Weigh in: 292.4 -- up 1.2 lbs; figure it's more due to natural fluctuation, but something to keep an eye on.

Bench press - 10 x 105 lbs x 2; 8 x 105 lbs
Arm curl - 10 x 55 lbs x 2: 10 x 45
Lat pulls  - 10 x 80 lbs x 3
Shoulder press - 10 x 50 lbs; 6 x 50 lbs; 8 x 40 lbs

My four day work week is going to require more discipline at home on the three off days. Yesterday, I really didn't do anything. That's bad. Need to develop a routine for those days as well. I'm going to have several days off close together with the holiday on Monday, so I need to find a way to keep busy.