Sunday, January 26, 2014

Motivation is fickle

This morning was rough. It's probably a miracle that I went to the gym at all, let alone lifted anything. It's been a small comedy of errors since last night, and I wanted nothing more than to skip the gym and do nothing else for the day other than just work and go home.

Last night my phone took a bath.

So I had a couple of drinks, which never helps with motivation, you just wake up sluggish and not wanting to move, much.

My weigh in this morning put me at 294.4, which means I'm UP 2.2 lbs since my last weigh in on Wednesday. I realize that weighing in every day is probably not the best, so I might look at doing a weekly weigh in on Sunday mornings. This could be good or bad, since Sunday is when I return from my two day weekend (I'm also off on Tuesdays), and depending on how I eat on the weekend could be a factor.

I ripped a nail really good when I removed the "lockjaw" from the curl bar. Almost tore it in half, so that hurt and yes, I need to keep my nails trimmed better. Had to wait until I was at my desk to fix it.

So, it's just a bunch of stupid, little, insignificant bits and pieces that affected my motivation today. I'm without a phone for who knows how long. I'll see if it's working when I get home from work today (trying the rice technique to dry it out internally), and if not, decide what to do from there.


Anyway, here's my workout tracker for today.