Sunday, January 5, 2014

Strike First...

Taking on Elaine’s challenge to create goals, update and share. Here we go.

The last two are not exercise related, really, but are part of overall goals for personal balance. These are outside of general things like spending time with my family, etc.

  1. Lose 50 lbs
    1. I want to lose more, but let’s put a number to reach first and go from there
  2. Enter my first 5 k race by May 31st.
    1. Utah is abundant with 5k, half marathon races. There are a few marquee ones I would like to check out (the Color Run, Dirty Dash, and more), but the first point is actually getting into one (and finishing it).
  3. Determine max lift weights and increase by 25%
    1. I’ll have to update this one when I get into the gym and test these, but examples I’m going for are:
      1. Bench press
      2. Squat
      3. Arm curls 10 x 20 lbs + bar (25?) - 1/5/14
      4. Lat pulls 10 x 100 lbs - 1/5/14
      5. Deadlift
      6. Leg extension 10 x 100 lbs - 1/5/14
      7. Military Press 8 x 40 lbs + bar (45?) - 1/5/14
      8. Shoulder Press 8 x 60 lbs - 1/5/14
        1. Almost forgot - find these maximums by Sunday, Jan 12, 2014 (actually forgot today was Thursday, Elaine told me to take a week to find maximums).
  4. Finish 82 games this year
    1. This will put me at 250 complete games (xbox 360 w/ all achievements attained)
    2. At least 40 are from backlog and at least a year old (ties in with my gamer website)
  5. Raise $500 for Extra Life in 2014
    1. Registration starts Jan. 3, 2014. Plenty of time to start raising money.

You can see that #3 is the primary wait to achieve the first two, by building muscle, I can (hopefully) burn more fat, and get to where I'm slimming down while getting stronger. There's a lot of work to do here.

At the gym at work, I stepped on the scale with shoes, jeans and a t-shirt on and was sitting right at 296 pounds.

While I'll try to update progress on these goals as they happen, another way to view them is go check them out on my public Google Drive page.