Thursday, January 16, 2014

You go, Glenn Coco...

Walking. We all generally do it. Sometimes an average day will see you walk about 5,000 steps just meandering around. Sure, you might sit down and be off of your feet for a while, but for most of us, walking is pretty natural and has been since we were around one.

So, why is it when you buckle down and just walk for 30 minutes, at a decent pace that gets you to about 3 MPH, do your legs start acting like this?


Good grief. It's just 30 minutes. But man does it take a toll on you. So far.

I fully expect that by the end of the month (yeah, only a little over two weeks), that I should be able to take the 30 minute walk and it barely singe my calves. The burn yesterday was intense. And when I came back into the building, I swear I could hear the elevators whispering, "Psst. Come over here. I'll give you a ride."

I took the stairs instead.

Yeah, I was breathing heavy by the time I got back to my desk. Comes out to about 28 minutes of constant moving. I'm hoping that before long, I can actually push the walk to 3 times around the building and still be back inside of the 30 minute window. My other option is to ask for 45 min lunches starting in April, but where's the challenge in that?

Today's workout was on the legs, and there was a bit of improvement. The last set on the leg press and extension really tested my resolve.

Weigh in: 292.4

Leg curl: 10 x 80 lbs x 2, 10 x 100 lbs (up 30 lbs max from last workout)
Leg press: 10 x 340 lbs x 3 (up 40 lbs)
Leg extension: 10 x 80 lbs x 3 (up 10 lbs)

Overall, it was a good workout and looking forward to giving my calves some time to burn later today. :)